When I walk in the natural reserves of the central California coast, I leave my urban environment and enter a world of

native forests and open meadows. Under the forest canopy, I am mesmerized by spaces of light and shadow that appear

between tree trunks and branches. Back in the studio, reflecting on my connection to nature, I draw, developing color

and form. Using photographs taken on my walks, I make photo-etchings. The prints, layered with other printing

processes and sometimes bits of hand coloring, make rich works that strike a balance between photographic “realism”

and experience. The paintings are informed by the drawings and prints.

Most recently, I am exploring ways to comment on climate change. Contrasting areas of saturated color with areas of

grisaille work as metaphors for the loss of green space. The gray areas fall back in space away from the chromatic areas

as if they are receding or rather advancing away from the viewer into a space that lies just beyond, down the path,

through the trees, not very far away.